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Sculptor Christopher Russell

Sculptor Creates Stop on the Bee Train

Sculptor Christopher Russell has made a pair of bronze gates featuring bees. The commission is one of ten works which will enhance New York subway stations.

Mr Russell was reminded of bees by the busy people coming and going from the station, and has also been inspired by artists such as Gaudi and Mackintosh.


Honey of a discovery

Honey of a discovery

Scientists have unearthed the remains of a large-scale beekeeping operation at a 3,000-year-old Israeli site, dating to the time of King David and King Solomon.

the ancient apiary contained between 75 and 200 beehives. holding more than 1 million bees and is the oldest known remnants of beekeeping.



French bees have the blues

Bees in France have have been making blue and green honey.

Sugary waste from M&Ms is thought to be to blame.

The biogas company thought to be responsible has stopped storing the waste in the open air. Beekeepers are pouring away the colourful honey because it won't sell.


Free iPhone game - The Pollinator - from Plan Bee

Free iPhone game - The Pollinator - from Plan Bee

This free iPhone game allows you to become 'The Pollinator' - a bee sent back from the future to save other bees from extinction.

The Plan Bee campaign from the Co-operative aims to help reverse the decline in bees and other pollinators.


Leafcutter bee

The leafcutter bee

Leafcutter are solitary bees that use small pieces of leaf to line their nests.

This fascinating article from Roberta Gibson describes the life cycle with some wonderful photographs.


nurse's watch on your beekeeper's suit

Telling the time

Tell the time at a glance by wearing a nurse's watch on your beekeeper's suit.

Toby the 'Incompetent Beekeeper' has spotted this great idea in a picture on the Surrey Beekeepers Association website.

Read more....

Honey and beeswax soap

Sweet citrus honey 'honeycomb' soap

In this tutorial, Soap Making Essentials not only gives us a recipe for honey and beeswax soap, but shows us a simple way to make a lovely honeycomb pattern in the mould.


Beeswax Flower Mason Jar Candles

Beeswax Flower Mason Jar Candles

Here's new idea; these glass jar beeswax candles feature a flower cut from sheets of beeswax.

With thanks to Craft: magazine for sharing.


Floating star-shaped candles

Fun Beeswax Candles

If you've not made beeswax candles, it's time you gave it a go; and if you have, here are some interesting ideas from momscraftyspace.

How about a whole egg candle moulded in a real egg shell, or an orange peel candle for a delicious scent?


Charlie Brandts, White House Beekeeper

The Secret life of Whitehouse Bees

Who knew that the White House has its own bees? Not only that, but this year they've expanded their hive and expect even more honey.

First Lady Mrs. Obama presented Samantha Cameron with a gift of a crystal vase of the honey during the recent official visit.


Bee on Blackthorn

Studies link pesticides to colony collapses

Studies in the UK and France have linked declining bee populations and the falling crop yields to commonly-used pesticides.

Scientists exposed a number of colonies to neonicotinoids and gave others a natural diet. The bees in the first group collected less food and produced alarmingly few queens.


Bees turn part of house into big hive

Bees turn part of house into big hive

They do things bigger and better in Texas and this week more than 150,000 bees have been removed from a house where they'd built a massive hive.

The hive was estimated to be 3-4 years old. After being smoked and boxed they will be removed to the countryside and used in education.


A bee with a personality

Bees have personalities, too

We know that bees have a structured society with bees allocated specific jobs.

But a new study suggests that they also have individual personalities controlled by the same chemicals that affect the human personaility.

May your bees be good-natured ones.


A Chinese honeybee pollinates a strawberry flower

Indigenous Chinese bees threatened

The introduction of the more productive Italian honey bees to China, as well as environmental degradation has threatened the indigenous bees.

The italian bee is more popular but brought a virus (sacbrood) which has killed Chinese bees.

The indigenous bees are better pollinators. Their honey is deep in colour, more nutritious and tastes fragrant. It sells for more than the Italian variety.

Work is going on to protect Chinese bees.


Glass jar observation hive

Glass jar observation hive

This beekeeper tried placing a glass jar over a hole in his hive. The result is an easily-improvised observation hive and the pictures are fascinating!


Beeswax artist Nancy Pollock

Beeswax artist Nancy Pollock

Encaustic painting, or painting with beeswax, is at least as old as the ancient Egyptians, who placed beeswax portraits of the dead on their mummies.

The beeswax is mixed with resin and color and then melted for use. nancy also uses more modern tools such as heat guns, hot plates, torches and power tools.

In this interview, Nancy Pollock discusses her technique and career.


50 knitted bees


Artist hannah Haworth was commissioned to knit 50 bees as part of last year's exhibition The Plight of the Bees at the Union Gallery.

Unfortunately the exhibition is now over but these images of the knitted bees and Hanna's original drawings still exist on her blog.

Hannah says, "I began by knitting the body from the back to the head, then I picked up stitches to make the wings which I used a simple lace stitch pattern for. Then there was all the legs and antennae to add..."

Her bee pattern is available on Ravelry with 40% of the proceeds going to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.


Mixing water with hot wax

Bathing the beeswax

In order to remove the dirt and other debris from his beeswax, peter of the Winnebago Diaries explains how he gives it a bath - stirs cold water into the warm wax.

The dirt is washed out and when it all separates and cools, the dirt layer can be scraped off.



'Bee fences' to deter elephants

An Indian state is considering 'bee fences' along forest borders to deter elephants. They raid human habitat for food and water.

Elephants tend to avoid areas with bees. The bee sting doesn't penetrate their hide, but bees often sting around their eyes and inside the trunk, causing immense discomfort.


Bee on flower

World of Bees blog: A happy sight

This was a happy sight today. One of my honeybees taking advantage of the beautiful warm sunshine to gather pollen. Very important for all the new brood that needs feeding.


Bee keeper derrickswinfield with the huge wasps' nest

Bee keeper removes huge wasps' nest from his loft

Bee keeper Derrick Swinfield found the 5ft by 4ft wasps' nest in his loft.

He knew that the wasps either leave or die naturally in the late autumn and so he waited until he was sure that they were all gone before he moved the nest from the loft to his conservatory.

Nothing like a bee hive, the wasps' nest is made from chewed up wood and bark. He had to cut it into four pieces in order to get it down, and pans to dissect and study it further.


Rae Butler and Philip Cropp

Verroa resistance breeding programme to continue

An eight-year old New Zealand breeding programme designed to create hives more tolerant to verroa is to continue.

Funding has run out for the programme, but beekeepers from a honey marketing company have decided to take up the reins. They feel that the expense and huge amount of work is worthwhile because the current chemical treatment is also expensive and becoming less effective as the mite develops resistance.

The breeding programme involves artificial insemination from a colony that has a behaviour of cleaning the hive by uncapping and removing infested larva. This behaviour is known as varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH).


Beeswax window valentine's decoration

Casting beeswax for translucent lightcatcher

Beeswax is translucent, even when set and so can be used to make lovely window decorations as seen here on Julie Hunter's Natural Kids blog.


Honey from stingless bees

A Different Kind of Beekeeping

Cultivation of a large and diverse group of bees, 'stingless' bees, is being studied.

Mayans have raised this alternative type of bee, but it's growing in Brazil too. The honey is runnier, tastes different to honeybee honey and has medicinal uses. It's produced in smaller quantities and so is more expensive.


Insecticides taking toll on honeybees

In this article in the Columbia Daily Tribune, Jan Wiese-Fales writes about a widely-used systemic insecticide which may be responsible for the mysterious colony collapse disorder.

The chemicals mentioned are present in products available to gardeners. Banned in some countries, but legally available in many others, so please check any products that you may be using.


Beeswax artist LeRone Wilson

Beeswax artist works his way out of homelessness

LeRone Wilson heats and layers hot wax into award-winning art which sells for over $15,000.

Four years ago he spent ten months in a homeless shelter, but continued his work and eventually sold work, allowing him to move into his own home.


Beeswax candle dipping

Beeswax candle dipping

candle dipping is a fun craft activity that kids and adults alike can enjoy. The resulting candles give a lovely glow and a lovely smell to a room.

Here Ruth takes us step-by-step through the process and gives us tips and suggestions too.


Help Save Bees

Our native bees are in danger. 'Help Save Bees' have published a lovely website containing lots of information including ID charts and top tips.

Ten things we can do to help
Solitary bee ID chart

Organic alternative weedkillers good for bees

A study by scientists from the UK and New Zealand found that encouraging gardeners to plant flowers in order to help restore the bee population could be counterproductive due to the high amounts of chemical weed killer gardeners use. Instead scientists have suggested that the green-fingered use organic weed killer as a ecologically friendly alternative. Recipes for organic weed killer can be found at ehow and weedkiller.org:


50% increase in bee colonies in the last six months

The British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) has reported today that the number of bee colonies has increased by 50% in the last six months and that 3.5 million pounds of honey has been harvested this summer for the nation's tea tables by amateur beekeepers.


Bees quicker than computers

The 'travelling salesman' problem - working out the shortest distance between a number of points - still proves a challenge for mathematicians. The only way for a computer to work it out is to calculate all possible routes and see which is shortest. Yet bees with their tiny one-million-neuron brains may have the answer. It's been shown this week that they can solve this conundrum and find the shortest route between the flowers that they discover.


Making beeswax wood polish

In this blog post Woodmouse gives us recipe and simple instructions for making beeswax polish for wood.


Bee Part of It!

BBC Local Radio and the National Trust launch a national campaign today to investigate and highlight the decline of the honeybee population in Britain and to encourage people do what they can to help the honeybee re-establish itself.

Each BBC Local Radio station is adopting its own honeybee hive, based at a National Trust property, allowing listeners to follow a colony over their busiest period of the year.

There are plenty of ways for people to lend their support to help honeybees.


Poster - 'Make a Bumblebee Home' How To Poster (Download Pdf).

You can also follow BBC Presenter and avid beekeper Martha Kearney on Twitter: twitter.com/Marthakearney

Artist begins bee-related residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Artist Rebecca Chesney has begun a year long residency at YSP, researching the bees and plants of the Bretton Estate to provide inspiration for new work, which may include drawings, photographs, installations and films. The residency will also draw attention to the plight of bees.

The YSP Centre display includes further information, ways to become involved in the project and a virtual hive.

For information and links about related events, webcam, a bee project blog, please follow the link below:

Find out more at the YSP website.

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